The social policies of the country have been one of the firmest identity in Canada. The laws and re rules which are governed by the government of Canada so that the lives of the people can get sorted. Canada likes a progressive environment which comes from a space where there are elevated facilities in the nation.

The society and its wellbeing have a larger role to play in the process of the overall development of the nation. The facilities and the plans ensured by the government as well as the rules and regulation followed to govern the place effectively is something that has a significant role in the development of the nation in all aspects. Here is a critical analysis of the social progression of Canada:

  • Canada Health care:

The health care facilities in Canada is quite nice. People do health insurance, and hence the collection of the amount is used for introducing health care facilities for people. Government has firm rules and the availability of the facilities so that people can get their health restored.

  • Abortion laws in Canada:

In the last couple of decades, Canada swung it is from an aggressive nation to that of the nation with the pro-choice. Abortion in Canada is banned. This permitted in really narrow conditions, and that is when the mother’s condition is really weak.

  • Drugs and Alcohol rules:

The social ill was associated with liquor and drug. But with the 20th century, most provinces accepted these aspects and so is the Canadian government. In Canada, boozed are sold, and in some provinces, they are not just because of some strict government policies.

  • Discrimination protection:

There is a fairly robust society in Canada so that the people can be completely protected against the people based on gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. This restores the basic right of the people of Canada so that any law cannot be passed against the basic interest of the people in Canada.

  • Lesbian, gay and transgender rights:

Over a couple of decades, the government has been liberal to quite an extent. The modern environment is now condemning the discrimination of people based on their relationships and interests. Sexual orientation has been quite modernized. The society is all open for transgender and homosexual.

These are some of the rules and regulation that govern the progression of society in Canada. The welfare programs are fairly conducted. These rules for society has actively set the environment for the best productivity and creativity plans. In this part, the readers will be enlightened about the societal condition prevailing in Canada and the rules and regulation which help in governing the wellbeing of the society.

Ranging from the resources for the restoration of the health to those of the employment facilities and the budding resources of income, each and everything has its own set of function in the process of the development of the nation as a whole. This is how the future thrives on social conditions.